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#StayHere - Exclusive Experience Hosts is a vacation real estate manager and host working for a 40% room fee commission.

#StayHere only offers hosting services in 02558.#StayHere's Hosting creates individual social media pages and real websites for every venue with direct bookable capabilities as well as listing the venue with vacation rental agencies like "AirBnB", "VRBO", "Expedia",Google Vacations, Weneedavacation, and Capecodvacationrentals.

#StayHere manages all inventory calender's so a double booking never happens. All bookings are ALWAYS online (ZERO EXCEPTION) with live reports accessible by clients 24 hours a day. The Host is accessible to the guest 24 hours a day on a "on-call basis" in regards to all accommodation questions.

#StayHere's Experience Production team handles all change overs in house. Laundering & sanitation are produced along side a focus on "The Experience" Each team member contributing their own custom "experience package" (a themed goody box or bag designed for a guest to find as a "surprise") for venue guests to explore and enjoy.

The Production team is present at check in time at each venue offering a "resort" and welcoming experience to venue guests. Available to move luggage and offer trip advise. Productions team customer service is available via text 24/7 on an on-call basis.

#StayHere Real estate owners can expect an increase in gross revenue. Such is attributed to the partnership with #PlayHere-CapeCod of whom offers inclusive and supplementary excursions, tours, and charters to guests of #StayHere.

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