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2023 Hosting Team

Vacation Real Estate Host and Manager

#StayHere's Hosting creates individual social media pages and real websites for every venue with direct bookable capabilities as well as listing the venue with vacation rental agencies like "AirBnB", "VRBO", "Expedia",Google Vacations, Weneedavacation, and Capecodvacationrentals. #StayHere manages all inventory calender's so a double booking never happens. All bookings are ALWAYS online (ZERO EXCEPTION) with live reports accessible by clients 24 hours a day. The Host is accessible to the guest 24 hours a day on a "on-call basis" in regards to all accommodation questions.

Qualified Cape Cod local Team

Our Team" is comprised of some of the finest local talent. We ONLY Host venues in the cape cod canal region and compensate above industry average. Ensuring your investment is entrusted to professionals with consequence and not summer jobs.

Transparent & Dynamic Marketing

A transparent marketing budget that is documented and bench marked with live up to date reports accessible to owners online through our owners login

Tax & permitting assistance and accounting advice via real time reports.

Three Dedicated LOCAL Industry Professionals

THREE dedicated Industry profesionals that are exclusive to the venue and Village / Neighborhood.


#StayHere assigns a Host & a Production director

#PlayHere assigns a "Cape Codder" / Fun specialist

creating a resort atmosphere for guests.

24/7 Listing & Guest Support

Questions about linens, or accessibility, and guest phone calls in the middle of the night,don't worry we have got it handled. Our listings and websites have 3D and 4k walk-throughs,

One Listing synced across top VACATION & HOURLY Rental Agencies.


One Listing synced across EVERY top VACATION & HOURLY RENTAL agency live time 24 hours a day.

Utilizing our technology we save you from "bombs" like double booking.

Save your time, we got it.

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Linens & Essentials Procurement program


Twice a year at season shift venue hosts procure linens, supplies, Apparel, and other essentials your vacation venue requires to operate. Such procurement are at incredible savings and at a level of quality above hotels. granting our owners a competitive edge on hotels for year long occupancy.


Who is the host - what is the function - in this section we are trying to build the host up as a posistion other property managers  DONT have


The host FOCUSES on pushing the online & true retail presence /  appearance .to its fullest potential compensated at a (8% Commission)  The host commission is so high it should peak owners interest because the portfolio should be well cared for at such a high return rate. So sharing such really ought not to be a secret in my opinion.

Our Formula

In this area we will explain HOW we do things in detail. as in when pay outs go out etc. ( Think money recipe ) This is the Numbers and Deetails NOT the sales pitch

also what we do w. the inventory prices etc. and the lodgify logins for guests etc

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