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Experience Production TEAM

Venue Sanitation & Laundering are produced along side a focus on The Experience at Guest Change Over"

#StayHere's Experience Production team handles all change overs in house. Laundering & sanitation are produced along side a focus on "The Experience" Each team member contributing their own custom "experience package" (a themed goody box or bag designed for a guest to find as a "surprise") for venue guests to explore and enjoy. The Production team is present at check in time at each venue offering a "resort" and welcoming experience to venue guests. Available to move luggage and offer trip advise. Productions team customer service is available via text 24/7 on an on-call basis.

What is an "Experience Package"?

Games Experience Packages


Grille Experience Package


Magic Kit Experience Package


Goodies and snack Experience Package

Games Experience Packages

Meet "The Experience Production Team"

What we do on Change over :

Change overs are the most important variable of all vacation real estate venues. With a formulated plan and a prepared team It is where success truly begins.


During each change over our team will pay focus not only to the staging and sanitation of the venue but maintenance that can be scheduled for the next change over. (in example shower heads do not last long)


Change over costs are paid directly by guests at booking and are encouraged to tip accordingly at check out.


Our production team members are  on site for check in to welcome guests and even move luggage.

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